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    First Entry - Web Portfolio of Marco

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    So for those of you wondering what this websiote is about its quite simple, everyday ill elaborate a principle Ive lkearned and implemenmt ito the website blog entry of the day. To what end, you might ask? Well simply put my goal is to have a different syle of blog that emphasises a prin ciple everyone on the website can iomplemetn into their own webdesign. It is my honest beliuef that alot of the cool services that are provided by google or other buig companies have an open source alternative, that if one learns a few concepts he can kick the big merchants out of his life. I for one looki forward to the day we kick the media, big corporations, and even the big G out of our lives. Ill be completely honest, I dont even think the IRS has the right to tax us, because up until 1913 we didnt pay the federal income tax. And suprisingly thats the same year the "federal reserve" popped up. the 16th amenedment was made by poeople in power , who had people even more powerful than them demand that the majority oif the population be taxed the people at the top, had to loyalty to the US, and in fact the federal reserve is a private entity